Top 10 Suspicious Sites [June 2021]

Top 10 Suspicious Sites [June 2021] – By SabiReviews & Fake Website Buster

Wendy from SabiReviews and James from Fake Website Buster present to you a list of the Top 10 Suspicious Sites of June 2021.


PlantATreeCo is an ecommerce website that sells plastic bracelets and claims to support various social causes – the most recent one being protests against the Yulin Dog Festival. However, analysis by Fake Website Buster reveals that it is not a trustworthy website. 

PlantATreeCo seems to have two objectives – fleece people out of money by falsely claiming to donate towards charity and grow their Instagram account by the same means.

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Bamboo Globalization (

Bamboo Globalization is a platform that claims it can make users daily passive income. Like an MLM, the platform works this way – You invite your friends and get paid, when your friends invite more people, you also get a quota of their earnings. Sounds simple right? Unfortunately, there’s a catch…. They ask for your bank details and you can’t delete or edit it, people have reported missing money in their accounts.

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Rupee4Click claims to be a platform for earning by doing work-from-home activities such as solving captchas, data entry, social media posting and more. Some of the activities mentioned, such as downloading apps, seem to imply that Rupee4Click may be a click farm. Most of the information on the website seems to be fake.

The payouts being promised are quite unrealistic as competitors pay much less for the same tasks. Rupee4Click claims to pay users for posting on social media, however, it doesn’t have a social media presence of its own. It is advisable to avoid signing up on Rupee4Click, as it does not seem to be a genuine platform. Even if it is real, some of the activities on the website constitute click fraud and are illegal. 

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Mana Target

Mana Target claims to sell Household appliances like laptops, phones, graphic cards, etc. for prices that are too good to be true. This scam entices people with the words ‘Discount Sale’ ‘Season Sale’ ‘Closing Shop Sale’.  It uses Facebook Advertising to target a specific demographic, like the United States of America. Then the website design does the final job of convincing shoppers. 

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Jocial is a website that claims to be an influencer marketing platform where users can earn by posting on social media. However, it seems extremely likely that Jocial is a Ponzi scheme. Users cannot join the platform without a referral code (ie. without joining someone’s downline) and cannot earn unless they pay between $20-$240 for the monthly/quarterly/annual subscriptions. 

Any company that requires workers to pay before they can start earning has a high possibility of being a scam. Jocial operates more like an investment scheme than an employment platform. The user reviews of Jocial are positive but have low credibility. This is because they are either positive reviews written to gain referrals or are fake altogether.

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Outdoors-coolers (RTIC Outlet)

Located at, this e-commerce website is selling RTIC hard coolers for as low as $99. This website does not provide a document to show it has been authorized by the legit RTIC Cooler company to use the Company’s name and Logo. Its main goal is to scam unsuspecting buyers. 

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Easy Typing Job (

Easy Typing Job is a website that claims to be a platform for users to earn by doing typing tasks. It is laughably obvious that Easy Typing Job is a scam. Creating an account on the platform is free, but a minimum payment of $50 is required to be able to withdraw earnings. The Gold package costing $500 supposedly gives you a ‘partner status’ and allows you to earn ‘for lifetime’ without working. 

The website contains fake video testimonials which do not show any proof of a successful withdrawal. The reviews on third-party websites are overwhelmingly negative as users who paid the $50 account upgrade fee did not receive any payout and got ghosted by the company.

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This is another daily passive income site. EarnCashTo claims you can make $250 daily testing out free apps and games. Unfortunately, this is not true. Analysis by SabiReviews showed it is a fake survey website.

EarnCashto does not pay users after they complete tasks and invite people to the site.

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Digital One India (

Digital One India is a data entry jobs website that claims to provide 100% genuine work without requiring any qualifications. The website tries to make itself look affiliated with the Government of India, such as using colours and terms that are similar to the Digital India initiative and Make In India program. However, there is no connection between Digital One India and the Indian Government. 

It is obvious that Digital One India is a scam. The website contains fake information. The reviews state that the scammers behind this website ask for payment for purchasing a plan and then abscond after the payment has been received. 

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Though the shoe e-commerce site is currently down, lately has been debiting money from customers’ accounts. People who’ve shopped from the store in the past nine months have left reviews online stating that Lucie Land charged £43 to their bank accounts. 

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