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Is Rupee4Click Fake or Real?

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Why is Rupee4Click Fake?

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Rupee4Click claims to be a platform for earning by doing work-from-home activities such as solving captchas, data entry, social media posting and more. Some of the activities mentioned, such as downloading apps, seem to imply that Rupee4Click may be a click farm. This website is targeted mainly at Indians as the Indian Rupee currency is used everywhere on the platform.

rupee4click scam tasks

The main way to earn is advertised as referring more people to sign up on the platform. Rupee4Click claims to pay ₹10 for every click on your referral link and ₹100 if someone signs up.

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  • rupee4click scam referral 2

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 9th November 2020. The registrant’s details such as name, location and contact details have been hidden for privacy. Therefore, the website is being operated anonymously.

rupee4click scam whois

Even though the domain was registered just over a month ago, the website claims that it has been in business for 5 years. This is clearly a lie.

rupee4click scam fake age

The website says that there is a ₹500 bonus just for signing up.

sign up bonus

However, the minimum threshold for withdrawal is ₹5,000. This means that a user will need to get at least 450 clicks on their link (worth ₹10 each), invite at least 45 people to sign up (worth ₹100 each) or complete at least 18 tasks (worth ₹250 each) before they are eligible for withdrawal.

rupee4click scam minimum balance net7

In the image above, you can see that it says users will be paid every week. However, this is contradicted in the Terms & Conditions, where it says that users will be paid monthly. This shows that the website is not run by true professionals.

rupee4click scam net30

The home page displays a Testimonial by someone named ‘Priya Mishra’ who is supposed to be the Marketing Manager for India & Indonesia. This testimonial seems to be fake as Priya Mishra is not a real person. The image shown is an edited one using two different peoples’ photos. Similar images are also used by other websites such as Money4Click and VanidoClick which may be scams.

  • rupee4click scam priya mishra fake person
  • fake testimonial
  • same image used on many sites

When I signed up on the platform, my dashboard showed that I was assigned an account manager named Madhu Sharan. This person also seems to be fake as the person shown in the image does not look Indian. The email ID given also turned out to be fake.

  • rupee4click scam madhu sharan fake account manager
  • rupee4click scam non-Indian person image
  • rupee4click scam fake email ID 1

Even though Rupee4Click claims to pay users for sharing links on social media, it does not have any social media pages itself. There are social media icons given on the website, but they are dummy links as they lead nowhere.

fake social media icons

Rupee4Click claims to have offices in India and USA, but all the details given seem to be fake. The email IDs don’t work, the addresses don’t exist and the GST and TIN numbers also show no results.

  • rupee4click scam fake contact details
  • rupee4click scam fake email ID 2
  • rupee4click scam fake GST number

Reviewers on TrustPilot have given Rupee4Click a ‘Poor’ rating of 2.4/5 based on 92 reviews. Users have stated that the website is fake as it does not pay.

  • rupee4click scam trustpilot rating
  • rupee4click scam review 1
  • rupee4click scam review 2
  • rupee4click scam review 3
  • rupee4click scam review 5

It seems extremely likely that Rupee4Click is a scam. The payouts being promised are quite unrealistic as competitors pay much less for the same tasks. The company claims to pay ₹10 simply if a user clicks on your referral link, ₹100 if they sign up on the platform and ₹250 for menial tasks such as data entry. It is hard to believe that any company would pay such an amount for almost no effort.

Though the domain name was registered only in November 2020, the website is lying that the company has been in business for 5 years.

The home page and Terms & Conditions contradict themselves. The home page claims that payments are made every 7 days, while the terms state that payments are made at the end of the month. This makes me doubt the professionalism of the platform.

The home page contains the testimonial supposedly of the company’s Marketing Manager Priya Mishra. However, this seems to be a fictional person as the image used is photoshopped.

After signing up, I was assigned an account manager supposedly named Madhu Sharan who also seems to be a fictional person. The image used is of a non-Indian and email ID provided is fake.

Rupee4Click claims to pay users for posting on social media, however, it doesn’t have a social media presence of its own. The social media links given on the website are fake as they lead nowhere.

The contact details provided all seem to be fake. The email IDs don’t work, the addresses are fake and the company information did not bring up any results. Rupee4Click has a ‘Poor’ rating on TrustPilot and users have said that they did not receive payouts.

It is advisable to avoid signing up on Rupee4Click, as it does not seem to be a genuine platform. Even if it is real, some of the activities on the website constitute click fraud and are illegal.

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How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have been a victim of an employment scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a complaint at the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal
  2. Lodge a complaint with PayTM on Twitter, Customer Care or through the app, UPI app such as Google Pay or the Bank with which the company has an account.
  3. Report the website to Google using the Suspicious Site Reporter extension for Chrome
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same.
  5. File a complaint with the Indian Consumer Complaints Forum
  6. Write a review on websites such as MouthShutScamadviser and TrustPilot.
  7. Block all numbers of the scammers on TrueCaller, mentioning the words Fake, Fraud or Scam in the name.
  8. If the company has a listing on Google My Business or Google Maps, file a complaint using the Business Redressal Complaint Form. Also, leave a negative review explaining what kind of experience you had.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for information only and should not be relied on when making financial or business decisions. If you are a website owner and would like to provide clarifications regarding your business and/or website, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

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