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Is Burnellbray Fake or Real?

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Why Is Burnellbray Fake?

Burnellbray claims to be a website selling various items from multiple categories such as electronics, toys, kitchen equipment and more. The products look like typical unbranded Chinese goods that you can find in countless online and offline shops.

The prices are not too far off from those on Amazon, but they are much higher than the prices on AliExpress. The images are low-resolution, which means that they must have been copied from other websites.

My hunch is that the prices are meaningless as customers will probably receive nothing, for reasons I will explain in the following sections.

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  • burnellbray scam dancing robot
  • burnellbray scam amazon

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 2nd December 2020 in Fujian, China. The company name is given as ‘Kkma123456 fujianzhou’ and there is also the address ‘No.247-1, Xia Dun, Jindun Village, Xindu Town, Wucheng District’ but these are quite likely to be fake.

Therefore, it is a new website that is being operated anonymously from a high-risk country.


Much like the images, the content on the website is not original either. The About Us page contains the following text:

We founded legacy with one simple goal: to provide amazing products at amazing prices.

This same snippet of text can be found on at least 111 websites, all of which may be scams.

The page also mentions that Brunell Bray is a fashion brand, which is not true as almost none of the items on the website are related to fashion or clothing.

  • burnellbray scam about us page
  • burnellbray scam network related websites

Almost all the websites that are using the same text have URLs that sound like names of people, which is similar to the ‘Exquisite and Unique’ Scam Network. However, there is no apparent link between the two.

100% of the websites related to Burnellbray have shared or neighbouring IP addresses, which strongly hints that all the sites are operated by the same owner.

Fellow Scamfighter Pintsize Iain also suggested doing a Reverse IP lookup on burnellbray.com’s IP address. This revealed another 91 websites, most of which are hosted as subdomains of Burnellbray. However, a large number of them redirect to unique URLs that are nothing but the websites found to be using the same text on the About Us page. The leaves little doubt that the websites are indeed related. The list is given at the end of the article.

It should be noted that all of them look the same too. In the below screenshots, we can see how idrntical the websites are in terms of design.

  • burnellbray scam reused design
  • jfdragon scam
  • acousticaudiobygoldwood scam reused design
  • shoppinggd scam reused design
  • waterandskys scam reused design

Another piece of evidence that Burnellbray is part of an organized network of dubious websites is that the footer mentions a defunct website called companthus.club instead of the actual URL burnellbray.com.

burnellbray scam companthus club

Burnellbray does not seem to have a social media presence. The contact details provided on the website include an email ID and address. The email ID too is of the domain companthus.club and was found to be invalid when tested.

The Texas address given is fake not only because we know that Burnellbray is operated from China, but also because it is of a random residential area. Therefore, Burnellbray does not have any customer support.

  • burnellbray scam contact us
  • burnellbray scam fake email id
  • burnellbray scam fake address

No reviews for Burnellbray or any of the related websites could be found.

It is quite obvious that Burnellbray and the related 201 websites are all likely to be scams. The websites are all low-quality contain, no original content and use the same design template. While the prices are not suspicious, there is a fair likelihood that customers will not receive their orders.

The domain registration data shows that it is a new website being operated anonymously from China. Most of the related websites appear to be hosted on the same server. Therefore, Burnellbray seems to be part of an organized network of Chinese websites that could be intended to scam customers.

The contact details provided are all fake. The email ID given is of a completely different domain and was found to be not working. The address given is of a residential area in Texas which is obviously fake as we know that Burnellbray is operated from China.

It is advisable to avoid shopping on Burnellbray or any of the related 201 websites as there are several signs suggesting that they are not trustworthy.

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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List of websites related to Burnellbray

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  • acandyl.com
  • achimhomefurnishings.com
  • acousticaudiobygoldwood.com
  • afrakellogg.com
  • afrawoolley.com
  • airxfilterswickedcleanair.com
  • alavisxfxx.com
  • alexiablack.com
  • alexiasainsbury.com
  • alstonhenry.com
  • annarbort-shirtco.com
  • anselausten.com
  • anselhood.com
  • asacaroline.com
  • atwoodbacon.com
  • bairdjoule.com
  • bardjacob.store
  • bardjoyce.com
  • barretanne.com
  • bartbertram.com
  • basilsusan.store
  • bauisan.com
  • beverlyanna.com
  • bevissusan.com
  • bingchilde.com
  • blendedwaxesinc.com
  • bobminnie.com
  • bochatangse.com
  • boothford.com
  • bradycotton.com
  • burnellbray.com
  • buttsupplies.com
  • byroncrane.com
  • caleesllc.com
  • carcach.com
  • cc3dzhuopu.com
  • cccoppercompression.com
  • chesteradam.com
  • cigaretteshopy.com
  • clarahicks.com
  • clifkidzbar.com
  • crate61organics.com
  • curlskincare.com
  • dansrueus.com
  • darnellattlee.com
  • dmuccio.com
  • dorathoreau.com
  • dtoetkd.com
  • dukersapplianceusa.com
  • easterncowbsy.com
  • eaterhom.com
  • ekonkitchenexpert.com
  • elmerjudith.com
  • enidaddison.com
  • envelopescom.com
  • ereadercenter.com
  • etiennealair.com
  • faylloyd.com
  • findfunnygiftideas.com
  • floridalaboratoriesinc.com
  • fztey.com
  • gailfielding.com
  • galaoma.com
  • gaobeisimakeups.com
  • gaocarautoparts.com
  • gayrrnel.com
  • gboglassbottleoutletcom.com
  • geoumy.com
  • geraldbroad.com
  • ggrocersusa.com
  • griffithlocke.com
  • gzgzhisy.com
  • hchippocreation.com
  • heretotherepackaging.com
  • hermosagray.com
  • himaloutdoors.com
  • hogancarter.com
  • homepartsstore.com
  • honlibey.com
  • hymanhearst.com
  • ianlucia.com
  • ieoviee.com
  • iraelinor.com
  • irmamorton.com
  • jacobdefoe.com
  • jcavcompany.com
  • jfdragon.com
  • jillgissing.com
  • jrtjds.com
  • julietford.com
  • juliusthomson.com
  • kavaascasa.com
  • kekehuaie.com
  • kerrmarlowe.com
  • kerwinpullan.com
  • kingabe.com
  • ledweberlight.com
  • leenixoen.com
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  • leilaraphael.com
  • leopoldboyle.com
  • liacandy.com
  • livewelllabsnutrition.com
  • loncoco.com
  • lonmoart.com
  • lvlavinso.com
  • marjorieted.com
  • mayjulius.com
  • maytruman.com
  • mdrtoolcompany.com
  • meetvg.com
  • meroylee.com
  • miagooo.com
  • microbanprofessional.com
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  • oyodss.com
  • petekatte.com
  • philipscomputermonitors.com
  • potricher.com
  • pperfectape.com
  • primojim.com
  • prsildan.com
  • purinakitkaboodle.com
  • pursteamworldsbeststeamers.com
  • quintionlee.com
  • raekeats.com
  • regstrong.com
  • rocklaurie.com
  • ruitofurniture.com
  • rupertcarrie.com
  • safepartsstore.com
  • seanpollitt.com
  • setllataylor.com
  • shimmernsparkle.com
  • shiqiaospl.com
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  • souldcor.com
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  • watsonda.com
  • wayneirving.com
  • websterpoe.com
  • weimeltoy.com
  • wenkoeby.com
  • westdailybest.com
  • wilpoem.com
  • wiltprufproducts.com
  • womensquarey.com
  • xeniabacon.com
  • xidehuy.com
  • x-ploregear.com
  • yibidinay.com
  • yvesburke.com
  • yyuegang.com
  • zionjudaicaltd.com
  • zorakipling.com
  • zoyingifts.com
  • zusonud.com
  • zzhike.com

If you have been the victim of an ecommerce scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a cybercrime complaint online or with the local police office
  2. File a complaint with the payment portal and ask whether the payment can be reversed
  3. Leave a negative review on review portals such as Scamadviser, TrustPilot, OnlineThreatAlerts and SiteJabber
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same

Disclaimer: This review is intended for information only and should not be relied on when making financial or business decisions. If you are a website owner and would like to provide clarifications regarding your business and/or website, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

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