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Pumacraft.com (Meledo Company Limited) | Fake or Real?

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pumacraft.com / ‘Exquisite and Unique’ Scam Network – 245 websites

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Realistic Puppy Dolls & Clothing Store

Is Pumacraft Fake or Real?

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Why Is Pumacraft Fake?

Pumacraft is a website that claims to be selling a variety of products such as clothes and dolls. The ‘Featured Products’ page consists mainly of Chinese-made women’s clothing. Oddly, the first two products featured are completely unrelated to the others as they are a ‘REALISTIC HUSKY DOG POMSKY’ and a ‘Pearl Of My Heart Kit’. All the other products are clothes.

The clothing items are the same low-quality products that are sold via Chinese sites. These items are notorious for being deceptively advertised using photoshopped images. Similarly, the ‘Teddy’ realistic puppy doll scam is also a common one. Chinese sites advertise animatronic puppy dolls but send low-quality Chinese dolls instead. You can see examples here and here.

  • pumacraft scam realistic puppy doll
  • realistic puppy doll scam youtube screenshot

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 30th January 2021 in Guang Dong Sheng, China. Other details such as the registrant’s name and contact details have not been provided. Therefore, it is a new website being operated from a high-risk country.


The website is so poorly-made that it contains a fake ‘Flash Sale’ pop-up banner that still has a Christmas design three months after Christmas.

pumacraft scam fake flash sale banner

The About Us page contains the following snippet of text:

We use innovative chemistry with modern design craftsmanship to consistently set the standard for all kinds of interesting practical and super cool stuff. including tooling, electronics, toys, household products, innovative gadgets and accessories.

This same text can be found on at least 249 other websites, all of which may be scams. The list is given at the end of the article.

An IP addresses analysis of this website reveals that 218 out of 249 (86.7%) sites have shared or neighbouring IP addresses. This means that they are likely to be operated by the same owners. Therefore, I have named it the ‘Innovative Chemistry’ scam network.

  • pumacraft scam copied content
  • pumacraft scam innovative chemistry scam network

The PayPal account associated with the website has the Chinese name 深圳市丝派特曼科技有限公司, which once again shows that Pumacraft is a Chinese operation.

pumacraft scam chinese paypal account

Pumacraft’s website links to a Facebook page, but seems to be a dummy as it has just 1 like. I was alerted by a reader that a Facebook page called ‘Megiceshop’ is running ads to promote the puppy dolls sold through Pumacraft. Oddly enough, the page Megiceshop itself links to megice.com, indicating that there is indeed an organized network of scam Facebook pages and websites.

The Facebook page ‘Megiceshop’ is apparently being operated from Philippines and Indonesia. The page is running puppy doll ads containing links to Pumacraft.

  • pumacraft scam fake facebook page
  • megice scam facebook page
  • pumacraft scam megice facebook ads puppy dolls

The contact details on the website include an email ID and the following company details:

31 Southampton Row, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC1B SHJ (This is not a returning address)

These details are either completely fake or of a shell company, as it is clear by now that Pumacraft is not run from the UK. The only way to contact Pumacraft is by email.

pumacraft scam fake contact details

No customer reviews for Pumacraft or Megice could be found online.

It is quite obvious that Pumacraft and the related 249 websites could all be scams. Pumacraft is advertising ‘realistic puppy dolls’ which is a common scam product. Customers think they are ordering high-quality robotic dolls but receive cheap Chinese-made dolls instead.

The domain registration data shows that the domain was registered in China and the PayPal account used by Pumacraft is also Chinese. However, the website provides fake details of a company in the UK called Meledo Company Limited to mislead customers.

The content on the website is copied and the same can be found on 250 websites, all of which appear to be scams. Pumacraft is also running Facebook ads for the realistic puppy dolls through a proxy page called Megiceshop, apparently operated from the Philippines.

It is advisable to avoid shopping on Pumacraft or any of the related 249 stores, as they do not seem to be genuine stores.

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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List of websites in the ‘Innovative Chemistry’ Scam Network

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  • actionsanimals.com
  • adidasgrocery.com
  • albloomy.com
  • alibisevent.store
  • alohacustomize.com
  • amperefort.top
  • armahny.com
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  • awesomedrinkwares.com
  • basesjar.store
  • beachskew.com
  • bearingreviews.com
  • beautyintheglobe.com
  • beautymadeus.com
  • bebestfinder.com
  • betobestore.co.uk
  • blossomall.com
  • bluesbarr.com
  • boball.co.uk
  • bollbii.com
  • boneskisses.store
  • bonestrap.store
  • boobstage.com
  • bowlsradar.com
  • brackethandler.com
  • brawease.com
  • brightamigo.co.uk
  • brittanyy.com
  • bucurr.com
  • buydays.co.uk
  • buyfun.co.uk
  • cablesbreaks.store
  • cabreels.store
  • cadygrocery.com
  • candleboots.store
  • careersname.com
  • caruiya.com
  • cathodegrade.store
  • chinsmagnet.store
  • citiesstories.store
  • clicksrocks.top
  • cliffoxides.store
  • closedream.co.uk
  • clothrudder.store
  • clubflesh.store
  • coatsfinger.store
  • combryia
  • connovel.com
  • coromoda.com
  • cosmoramas.com
  • cottondopes.store
  • crazypatata.com
  • curtaincommas.com
  • cyanlock.com
  • damsfeeders.store
  • dayswisher.com
  • dealpoint1.com
  • decocommu.com
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  • dishesjam.store
  • draftsforty.store
  • driftcargo.store
  • drunkthirds.top
  • easebet.store
  • eaterz.store
  • enjollys.com
  • escapesbean.store
  • esupergo.co.uk
  • examplecarrier.store
  • excesspark.store
  • exquisdeco.com
  • ezistuff.com
  • faceclaps.store
  • fairhi.com
  • feltitem.store
  • fencecareer.top
  • filled-cart.co.uk
  • fingersmakeup.com
  • fitgirlygear.com
  • fivesdivider.com
  • flareration.store
  • followforfeel.com
  • fushiashop.com
  • giftpockets.com
  • giftybox.co
  • girlshammer.store
  • globalstoremall.net
  • glowsarea.store
  • godoozy.com
  • goronyaa.com
  • gosnowflakes.com
  • graceparity.com
  • greasesarmory.store
  • grossknee.store
  • groundincline.store
  • guysregion.store
  • gyrosairport.store
  • handfifteen.store
  • hapuit.com
  • harmbonds.store
  • hatchesrainbow.store
  • heidist.com
  • herayy.com
  • heresiarchs.com
  • hertzpedal.store
  • hibuys.co.uk
  • higoodystuff.com
  • hitecklock.com
  • hourscathode.top
  • houseslegends.store
  • houydi.com
  • hshirt.store
  • hubnature.store
  • hunkbuffers.top
  • hushleaves.store
  • hyeasygo.com
  • imazona.com
  • intakesmells.top
  • ironmats.top
  • jootata.com
  • joyplacer.co.uk
  • jsephhh94.shoplineapp.com
  • junkspills.top
  • kaufhaff.shop
  • killforces.store
  • kingkas.com
  • lampsrunner.store
  • layershearts.store
  • leadlinn.com
  • leisurering.com
  • leonastar.com
  • levontashop.com
  • lifesparking.com
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  • liningohms.store
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  • liversblowers.store
  • lockerswait.com
  • looksroom.store
  • lovecarstuffs.com
  • lovelyous.com
  • loverfix.com
  • malesgases.com
  • marinesalarms.store
  • megachooses.com
  • megice.com
  • mellosd.com
  • merryclaw.com
  • methodjudges.store
  • michael-project.myshopify.com
  • mindschases.store
  • mirrorheat.store
  • mittsvents.top
  • modulelint.store
  • motionscheese.store
  • mushsuit.com
  • mutemode.com
  • mystunnify.com
  • naviesglove.store
  • newerby.co.uk
  • nexttou.shop
  • nicewell.uk
  • oldput.shop
  • oneclothingday.com
  • oniskyu.com
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  • ourhomey.com
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  • rackshoof.top
  • regiontroops.store
  • returnhum.store
  • rimkey.store
  • rockquarter.store
  • rodpresses.top
  • sashesdecoder.store
  • savingfeet.store
  • severallook.com
  • sewagecatalog.store
  • shecustom.com
  • sheenrosy.com
  • shopmedlife.co.uk
  • shopyourwheels.com
  • showsexcuses.store
  • slitssilence.store
  • smashsteps.store
  • sneakwe.com
  • snowwish.com
  • soldersixths.store
  • soundscannon.store
  • southfaces.store
  • standairship.store
  • starywing.com
  • stemspier.store
  • sundaywhale.com
  • swapssips.store
  • sydtcb.com
  • talkerscareers.store
  • tearsvectors.store
  • tensionshops.top
  • termbreast.com
  • thumbslots.top
  • todayshoppingstore.com
  • topcashback.com
  • topsseal.store
  • totalmothers.store
  • treasuredynasty.com
  • trendingproductus.com
  • tresaoutlet.online
  • tricksfakes.com
  • troopsbatches.store
  • troopspermits.store
  • trunklid.store
  • ulyssesshop.store
  • uniiu.com
  • updatecuff.top
  • upperlight.co.uk
  • uppersoll.com
  • vacuumsmeeting.top
  • videosbump.store
  • violeto.co.uk
  • warmshine.co.uk
  • warmti.com
  • waxesdab.store
  • willsmouth.store
  • winetrainer.store
  • wisepick.co.uk
  • woaprom.com
  • woundname.store
  • yearsbreak.top
  • yhousehold.com
  • zmeetstore.com

If you have been the victim of an ecommerce scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a cybercrime complaint online or with the local police office
  2. File a complaint with the payment portal and ask whether the payment can be reversed
  3. Leave a negative review on review portals such as Scamadviser, TrustPilot, OnlineThreatAlerts and SiteJabber
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same

Disclaimer: This review is intended for information only and should not be relied on when making financial or business decisions. If you are a website owner and would like to provide clarifications regarding your business and/or website, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

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