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Is Huusk Fake or Real?

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Why Is Huusk Likely Fake?

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Huusk is a website that claims to be selling high-quality hand-made Japanese kitchen knives at heavy discounts. The claims on the website are highly dubious and several deceptive marketing tactics can be identified.

Firstly, the website says that it is the ‘Last day to Grab this BIG Promo’ regarding the 50% discount. However, old snapshots of the site from the Wayback Machine show this ‘last day’ statement is just a gimmick to create a false sense of urgency.

  • huusk scam fake discount
  • huusk scam fake promo

Coming to the prices, the website states that these knives retail for โ‚ฌ59.90. I’m not sure where they got this number from because the same knives are available on AliExpress for โ‚ฌ7.57 to โ‚ฌ13.07, with the only noticeable difference being the Huusk logo. Therefore, the prices appear to be falsely inflated with fake discounts applied on top.

  • aliexpress hunting knife huusk
  • huusk scam fake prices

The next problem is the claim that these are handcrafted Japanese knives. You can see in the above screenshot from AliExpress that the knives are shipped from China.

All the claims about these knives being made by ‘expert bladesmiths’ and requiring ‘138 steps and over 2 months to be made before’ seem to be nothing more than marketing guff.

The real reason that I can fathom regarding why the company might need 2 months to deliver is that the knives are actually dropshipped from China through third-party sellers.

huusk scam false claims

The website contains a section called HEAR IT FROM THE PROS containing some testimonials by supposed chefs. This can be highly misleading to customers as the Terms of Service page clearly states that these knives are not meant for commercial or industrial use.

huusk scam terms commercial use

The testimonials themselves don’t appear to be real because the images of the chefs are stock images. There is also no mention of the restaurants where the chefs work.

  • huusk scam fake chef testimonial 1
  • chef stock image 1
  • huusk scam fake chef testimonial 2

Reviews by knife reviewers state that Huusk knives are low quality and not comparable to genuine Japanese knives. Below are some of the reviews:

There is another testimonial section on the home page supposedly containing customer reviews. These are likely to be fake too as the customers’ images are stock photos and there is no way to verify if the reviews are legitimate. They could easily be written by Huusk themselves.

  • huusk scam fake customer review
  • customer stock image

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 16th October 2015. However, the domain registration was updated on 8th February 2021 and this is when the current website seems to have been created.

The domain registration information shows that it is owned by a company in Lithuania, which is obviously not Japan.

Update: It has come to my attention that there are several new URLs for Huusk Knives, including,,, and

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The same company information is provided on Huusk’s website. However, there is no mention of Huusk on the company’s website. Therefore, I can’t confirm whether the information is real.

It should be noted that the same information is provided in Huusk’s paid press releases, so there’s a fair chance that it is real.

  • huusk terms uab ekomlita
  • uab ekomlita lithuania company registration

Huusk’s website does not provide any links to social media pages. However, I found that Huusk has a Facebook page created in February 2021 on the day after the domain name was registered. The page information shows that it is operated from Lithuania and Philippines.

huusk scam facebook page

The Reviews section of Huusk’s Facebook page is filled with negative reviews. Complaints include problems with payment, non-delivery, late delivery, inferior quality and poor customer service.

  • huusk scam facebook review 1
  • huusk scam facebook review 3

The same complaints can also be seen on Huusk’s TrustPilot and Scamadviser pages.

  • trustpilot rating
  • trustpilot review 1
  • trustpilot review 2
  • trustpilot review 3
  • trustpilot review 4
  • trustpilot review 5
  • trustpilot review 6
  • trustpilot review 7
  • trustpilot review 8

I also have a suspicion that Huusk might be performing damage control by paying for fake positive reviews because some of them make absolutely no sense. Here is a review by someone saying that the knives helped them ‘sleep like a baby’.

huusk scam fake review trustpilot

The contact details on the website include a couple of email IDs and phone numbers. The phone numbers carry the country code of the USA, which might lead customers to believe that it is an American company. The numbers are actually virtual lines that can be operated from anywhere in the world, including Lithuania.

  • huusk contact details
  • email id 1
  • email id 2
  • phone number 2
  • truecaller phone 1
  • truecaller phone 2


It seems extremely likely that Huusk might be a dropshipping scam. While dropshipping itself is a legitimate business model, Huusk’s deceptive marketing and apparently poor customer service suggest that it is not a brand that takes customer satisfaction seriously.

The website is quite new as it was created in February 2021 and is operated from Lithuania. This is not mentioned anywhere on the website except on the Terms of Service page. The marketing leads customers to believe that Huusk is a Japanese company even though this is clearly not the case.

Huusk appears to be employing several shady marketing gimmicks such as false urgency, inflated prices with fake discounts and misrepresenting the quality and origin of the products.

For example, there is a ‘last day’ 50% discount that never ends and similar knives can be bought cheaper on AliExpress. There is no reason to believe that Huusk’s knives are handmade in Japan as the same knives can be found mass-produced in China.

The website also contains some testimonials by non-existent chefs even though the terms indicate that the knives are not meant for professional use.

Real customer reviews across multiple platforms show complaints such as payment issues, late or no delivery and unresponsive customer support. Huusk may also have attempted to balance out the negative reviews through paid positive reviews.

It is advisable to avoid shopping at Huusk. All the signs indicate that it is a Lithuanian company that is poorly running a dropshipping business. You might be better off buying similar knives at a lower price from AliExpress as you will also have better consumer protection.

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I posted a warning about Huusk knives on Facebook and in order to silence me, my Facebook page was hit with a fake ‘trademark infringement’ claim by a company named UAB Orbio World, which is the new name of UAB Ekomlita. Obviously, I did not infringe on their trademarks as I have simply posted a review, making this a targeted attack to prevent shoppers from being warned about Huusk Knives. Not only did the post contain a warning about Huusk, it also contained several comments from dissatisfied customers of Huusk, all of which have now been deleted.

  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 1
  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 3
  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 4

They have never reached out to me personally to provide clarification regarding the business practices of Huusk Knives and therefore UAB Orbio World are apparently bullies who abuse trademark infringement reporting systems to prevent people from speaking about their experiences and opinions.

Facebook is complicit in this suppression of free speech as they automatically hid my post from Facebook’s users without any verification or option to appeal the claim. Facebook is also happily profiting from the advertising revenue that UAB Orbio World pay them for running ads even though the platform’s users are being hurt by unethical business practices.

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