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UAB Orbio World (aka. EcomLT LLC) | Fake or Real?

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UAB Orbio World and Huusk Knives

Have you recently come across a charge on your credit card by UAB Orbio World or EcomLT LLC? Read on to know more about the company, its numerous brands and questionable business practices.

Back in June 2021, I posted an article about Huusk Knives, a website that appeared to be an unethical dropshipping business that mismarketed mass-produced Chinese knives as ‘handmade Japanese knives’. The following was my conclusion regarding Huusk:

It seems extremely likely that Huusk might be a dropshipping scam. While dropshipping itself is a legitimate business model, Huusk’s deceptive marketing and apparently poor customer service suggest that it is not a brand that takes customer satisfaction seriously.

The website is quite new as it was created in February 2021 and is operated from Lithuania. This is not mentioned anywhere on the website except on the Terms of Service page. The marketing leads customers to believe that Huusk is a Japanese company even though this is clearly not the case.

Huusk appears to be employing several shady marketing gimmicks such as false urgency, inflated prices with fake discounts and misrepresenting the quality and origin of the products.

For example, there is a ‘last day’ 50% discount that never ends and similar knives can be bought cheaper on Aliexpress. There is no reason to believe that Huusk’s knives are handmade in Japan as the same knives can be found mass-produced in China.

The website also contains some testimonials by non-existent chefs even though the terms indicate that the knives are not meant for professional use.

Real customer reviews across multiple platforms show complaints such as payment issues, late or no delivery and unresponsive customer support. Huusk may also have attempted to balance out the negative reviews through paid positive reviews.

It is advisable to avoid shopping at Huusk. All the signs indicate that it is a Lithuanian company that is poorly running a dropshipping business. You might be better off buying similar knives at a lower price from Aliexpress as you will also have better consumer protection.

Huusk Knives | Fake or Real?

Though the original website does not exist any longer, it seems that business is thriving as there are several new Huusk websites, including,,,, and All these websites are identical as you can see in the screenshots below.

  • get-huusk home page
  • huusk-knife home page
  • huusk-original home page
  • huusk-store home page

Similar knives are also being sold under a different name Haarko by the same parent company.

haarko home page

The organization behind Huusk was found to be a Lithuaniun company named UAB Ekomlita. Therefore, I was a bit confused when my Facebook post regarding Huusk was reported for trademark infringement by a company which I had never heard of before named UAB Orbio World. The trademark infringement claim on my post was a serious strike as it almost got my Facebook page banned.

  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 1
  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 2
  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 3
  • huusk uab orbio world scam facebook fake trademark infringement claim 4

Suppressing Criticism on Facebook and YouTube

When I looked into the company, I found that UAB Orbio World is the new name of UAB Ekomlita after supposedly merging with another company named YNOT Media.

uab orbio world who we are ekomlita ynot media merger

UAB Orbio World put a false claim on my Facebook page seemingly on the flimsy basis that the post contained a screenshot of Huusk’s home page. Obviously, I did not infringe on their trademarks as I have simply posted a review, making this a targeted attack to prevent shoppers from being warned about Huusk knives. Not only did the post contain a warning about Huusk, it also contained several comments from dissatisfied customers, all of which have now been deleted by Facebook.

No one representing Huusk or UAB Orbio World has ever reached out to me personally to provide clarification regarding the business practices of Huusk Knives. Therefore UAB Orbio World apparently abuse trademark infringement reporting systems to prevent people from speaking about their experiences and opinions.

Facebook is complicit in this suppression of free speech as they automatically hid my post from all users without any verification or option to appeal the claim. Facebook is also happily profiting from the advertising revenue that UAB Orbio World pay them for running ads even though the platform’s users are being hurt by unethical business practices.

Other creators on Facebook and YouTube have also spoken about how UAB Orbio World tried to suppress negative reviews of Huusk by means such as false copyright strikes, which indicates that the strike on my page was not an isolated incident.

UAB Orbio World’s Other Brands

It turns out that Huusk is not the only brand owned by UAB Orbio World. I discovered that the company owns at least 22 trademarks in the EU, namely Blofè, Coverlastic, Derila, Enence, Fuugu, Haarko, Hiloi, Huusk, Huusk – Japan, Kanoshi, Klaudena, Lingoget, Melzu, Muama, Nuubu, Orbio World, Poliglu, Ryoko, Spirual, Synoshi, Tvidler and Viaota.

  • uab orbio world eu trademarks 1
  • uab orbio world eu trademarks 2
  • uab orbio world eu trademarks 3
  • uab orbio world eu trademarks 4
  • uab orbio world eu trademarks 5

Searching the names of these brands on YouTube revealed that the word ‘scam’ is associated with many of them.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video

UAB Orbio World’s Trading Names

Even though the trademarks for these brands are owned by UAB Orbio World, the websites are run under several different trading names such as Lulu Berlu, EcomLT LLC, EcommLt LCC, UAB BeWell EU, UAB Neorus and UAB Viaota. Below is a list of the company information provided on the websites. EcomLT LLC has the most websites under it at the time of writing.

  • Lulu Berlu
    dans le numéro SIREN: 404 353 682
  • EcomLT LLC
    Our company number is: 5416329
    Our address: 1616 Westgate Circle, Brentwood, TN 37027, USA
  • UAB BeWell EU
    Our company number is: 305788600
    Our address: Gynėjų g. 4-333, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • UAB Orbio World
    Our company number is: 305049890
    Our address: K. Donelaičio g. 60, LT-44248 Kaunas
    Our e-mail address:
  • UAB Viaota
    Our company number is: 305710320
    Our address: Gedimino g. 45-7, LT-44239, Kaunas, Lithuania
    Our e-mail address:

Shady Sales Tactics

When I took a closer look into each brand individually, some of the same concerning signs as Huusk cropped up. For starters, the sites offer a supposed ‘50% discount’ or ‘70% discount’ with it being the ‘Last day to Grab this BIG Promo‘.

  • 70% discount tvidler uab orbio world
  • 70% discount huusk uab orbio world
  • 70% discount klaudena uab orbio world
  • 50% discount synoshi uab orbio world
  • 50% discount Derila uab orbio world

As I revealed in my review of Huusk, the discounts are made up as the items are actually cheap mass-produced Chinese items sold at enormous markups. The screenshots below show items identical or similar to UAB Orbio World’s products being sold on Aliexpress at much lower prices. Keep in mind that Aliexpress often offers free shipping, while UAB Orbio World charges extra.

  • synoshi fake prices
  • tvidler fake prices

Further, the statement that it is the ‘last day’ to get the discount is categorically false. I fail to understand how it can be legal to blatantly lie by saying that it is the ‘last day’ when screenshots from the Wayback Machine show that the discount is available all year round. It seems like a high-pressure sales tactic used for creating a false sense of urgency. The images below show it still being the ‘last day’ for the discount around three weeks apart.

  • huusk fake last day
  • tvidler fake last day
  • klaudena fake last day

The sites also seem to be using fake banners about stock running out to create a false sense of scarcity. Take a look at the screenshots below of the landing pages of different websites operated by UAB Orbio World which have banners like ‘Only 12 items left in stock!’ accompanied by a progress bar implying that 75% of the stock is sold out.

  • low stock derila uab orbio world
  • low stock klaudena uab orbio world
  • low stock tvidler uab orbio world
  • low stock huusk uab orbio world

When I checked the page’s source code, I found that the number is written into the code, which means that the same message is shown to all customers regardless of stock. The banner exists only to put psychological pressure to complete the purchase by falsely implying that the item is getting sold out.

banner text in website source code

Billing & Customer Service Complaints

There are several positive customer reviews for UAB Orbio World’s websites on platforms such as Facebook, ScamAdviser, Sitejabber and Trustpilot, but the credibility of these reviews drops considerably when you realize that many of them have been found to be fake. For example,’s Trustpilot page has a rating of 4.7/5 but the page has a disclaimer saying that they have reason to believe that some of the reviews were paid for.

huusk trustpilot disclaimer fake reviews removed

In my original review of Huusk, I showed the example of a fake review about a sleeping aid that was written for Huusk which only sold knives. Therefore, it seems plausible that real customer ratings of UAB Orbio World’s brands may be lower than they appear due to being artificially boosted by fake positive reviews.

huusk scam fake review trustpilot

On Tvidler’s ScamAdviser page, I found that the same reviews were written multiple times by the same accounts, which is another indication of positive reviews being potentially fake.

scamadviser tvidler scam fake reviews

In such a case, negative reviews may paint a more accurate picture of what majority of customers can expect their shopping experience to be like when they purchase from UAB Orbio World and EcomLT LLC. Negative reviews are not hard to find as most of the brands have low ratings. Shown below are the Trustpilot ratings for a few of UAB Orbio World’s brands which have multiple websites each.

  • tvidler scam trustpilot reviews
  • derila scam trustpilot reviews
  • synoshi scam trustpilot reviews
  • huusk scam trustpilot reviews
  • nuubuu scam trustpilot reviews

Diving deeper into what customers have complained about, a few of the same complaints repeatedly cropped up. Let’s take the example of, which has a Trustpilot rating of 2.8/5 based on 907 reviews, where 60% of the reviews are negative. The page alo has a disclaimer that fake reviews were detected, which may mean that Tvidler’s rating is actually even lower than 2.8.

  • tvidler trustpilot disclaimer fake reviews removed
  • tvidler trustpilot rating

The first common complaint which I kept seeing over and over was that the order process was confusing and scammy. Customers inadvertently ended up purchasing multiple items when they thought they were purchasing a single item, as they claim extra items were automatically added to their order. What’s worse is that Tvidler’s customer support (based in the Philippines) supposedly makes it impossible for customers to cancel orders, claiming that the order has already shipped.

  • tvidler review 1
  • tvidler review 2
  • tvidler review 3
  • tvidler review 4

Another area of contention is their ‘30 day Money Back – Satisfaction Guarantee‘ as it comes with caveats.

uab orbio world  tvidler money back guarantee

The first condition is that the products must be returned unopened and unused, which makes little sense from a consumer standpoint as no one can know if a product is good or bad without using it. Additionally, there is a 15% restocking fee, which means that customers can never get a full refund.

Customers also have to pay from their own pocket to ship the item to Lithuania, which can sometimes cost more than the product itself. This forces most people to keep the product even though they are unhappy as it costs too much to ship it back. However, people who shipped the items back in the hope of a refund have said that they never heard back from Tvidler again and never received the refund. Someone customers have even stated that the package was returned to them after shipping it to Lithuania as it was undeliverable.

  • tvidler review 5
  • tvidler review 6
  • tvidler review 7

These grievances are not exclusive to Tvidler as identical complaints can also be seen in reviews across other UAB Orbio World websites. Check out the reviews below taken from the reviews written for Derila, Huusk, Synoshi, Klaudena, Haarko, Enence and Spirual where customers have complained about unintentionally ordering multiple items, being forced to pay for return shipping to Lithuania and not receiving refunds.

  • derila review 1
  • derila review 2
  • huusk review 1
  • huusk review 2
  • klaudena review 1
  • klaudena review 2
  • synoshi review 1
  • enence review 1
  • haarko review 1
  • spirual review 1
  • spirual review 2


In summary, there are several red flags related to UAB Orbiz World’s various brands and websites, which the company is operating under different trading names such as Lulu Berlu, EcomLT LLC, EcommLt LCC, UAB BeWell EU, UAB Neorus and UAB Viaota. The sites, which are promoted heavily on YouTube and Facebook, employ high-pressure sales tactics which seem to involve outright lies.

For example, the websites proclaim that it is the ‘Last Day to Grab This BIG Promo’ when in reality, the products are always offered at 50%-70% discounts. The discounts themselves are seemingly made up as the same products can be found on Aliexpress for a fraction of the price with free shipping to boot.

The sites also put pressure on customers with a banner which shows that stock is about to run out. However, I found that the banner is completely fake as it always shows that stock is low.

UAB Orbiz World has been caught by Trustpilot for artificially boosting their ratings using paid positive reviews. Negative reviews for brands like Huusk, Derila, Tvidler, Klaudena and others are aplenty, and customers have echoed the same complaints against all these sites. Common complaints include automatically adding additional items during checkout, customer service refusing to cancel orders and an unfair refund policy.

If you think that any of UAB Orbiz World’s related sites have scammed you, you can contact PayPal or your bank for a full refund. Don’t accept a partial refund citing that the product is not what you ordered and refuse to ship the items back to Lithuania citing that the merchant never disclosed that the items were shipped from overseas.

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How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

To read about Scam Networks, click here.

If you have been the victim of an ecommerce scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a cybercrime complaint online or with the local police office
  2. File a complaint with the payment portal and ask whether the payment can be reversed
  3. Leave a negative review on review portals such as ScamAdviser, TrustPilot, OnlineThreatAlerts and SiteJabber
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same
  5. Report the scam site to web filtering companies.

Companies mentioned in this article

  • EcomLT LLC
  • UAB BeWell EU
  • UAB Ekomlita
  • UAB Orbio world
  • UAB Viaota

Trademarks owned by UAB Orbio World

  • Blofè
  • Coverlastic
  • Derila
  • Enence
  • Fuugu
  • Haarko
  • Hiloi
  • Huusk
  • Huusk – Japan
  • Kanoshi
  • Klaudena
  • Lingoget
  • Melzu
  • Muama
  • Nuubu
  • Orbio World
  • Poliglu
  • Ryoko
  • Spirual
  • Synoshi
  • Tvidler
  • Viaota

List of websites related to UAB Orbio World

  • (copycat website)

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