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Why is Gitkeys Fake?

Gitkeys is a website that claims to be a trusted provider of data entry work such as captcha solving. The website does not look professional at all as it is riddled with errors in grammar and spelling. In fact, it is a direct copy of, which is a scam that was previously covered on this blog. Zitkey is no longer active, which suggests that Gitkeys is a new site created by the same scammers.

  • gitkeys scam copied home page
  • zitkeys scam home page

To confirm that Gitkeys is a copycat website of Zitkey, I ran a search of the text used on the website. I found there are 4 websites using the same content, out of which only Gitkeys is still active. Therefore, it seems that these websites are set up by scammers and closed down when the scam is exposed, after which a new identical website is created. The following websites are all using the same text:

  • gitkeys scam copied content
  • gitkeys scam copied content 2

There is an obvious attempt to make users choose the most expensive plan as it provides higher payout for easier work. The FAQ section of the website clearly mentions that payment is absolutely necessary to begin the work. The plans are also exactly the as those offered by Zitkey.

  • gitkeys scam plans
  • zitkey scam plans
  • gitkeys mandatory payment

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it has been registered on 16th August 2020. The registrant’s details such as name, location and contact information have been hidden for privacy. Therefore, there is no information about who runs the website.

gitkeys scam whois

In order to make itself look legitimate, Gitkeys has created a page on the website showing the recent payouts. However, there is no way to verify whether it is real.

gitkeys scam fake payment proof

There are some testimonials provided on the website, but these are most likely fake as they are the same testimonials that were used on Zitkey’s website.

  • fake testimonial
  • fake testimonial 2

The contact details provided by Gitkeys include an email ID and an address. The email ID was found to be fake when tested using VerifyEmailAddress and the exact address could not be located on Google Maps. Therefore, it seems that the contact details provided are fake.

  • gitkeys fake contact details
  • gitkeys fake email ID

At the time of writing this article, there are a few reviews available for Gitkeys on TrustPilot. The reviews are largely negative and state that users have experienced unfair rejection issues.

  • gitkeys scam trustpilot rating
  • gitkeys scam trustpilot review

It seems quite clear that Gitkeys is a scam. The entire website is a copy of an earlier scam website called Zitkey which is no longer active. Gitkeys requires users to pay them before they can start working, which is one of the most obvious signs of a data entry job scam. The contact details provided are fake and there is no way to verify the payment proofs. The website contains fake testimonials that were also used by Zitkey and other websites.

There is no reason to trust Gitkeys and believe that it is different from the countless data entry job scams, such as Digital One India, OnlineDataEntryJob, Home Job Experts and more which have been covered on this website. The website is run anonymously and there is no way to actually get in touch with the management.

Any job which requires you to pay before you can earn is likely to be a scam. Real companies never ask for payment from employees or freelancers. It is advisable to avoid working with Gitkeys, as it does not seem to be a genuine company.

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have been a victim of an employment scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a complaint at the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal
  2. Lodge a complaint with PayTM on Twitter, Customer Care or through the app, UPI app such as Google Pay or the Bank with which the company has an account.
  3. Report the website to Google using the Suspicious Site Reporter extension for Chrome
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same.
  5. File a complaint with the Indian Consumer Complaints Forum
  6. Write a review on websites such as MouthShutScamadviser and TrustPilot.
  7. Block all numbers of the scammers on TrueCaller, mentioning the words Fake, Fraud or Scam in the name.
  8. If the company has a listing on Google My Business or Google Maps, file a complaint using the Business Redressal Complaint Form. Also, leave a negative review explaining what kind of experience you had.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for information only and should not be relied on when making financial or business decisions. If you are a website owner and would like to provide clarifications regarding your business and/or website, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

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