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eliesoob.com (Mexong Ltd.) | Fake or Real?

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eliesoob.com (operated by Mexong Limited, part of the Uniqueness Scam Network)

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Online Store

Is Eliesoob Fake or Real?

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Why is Eliesoob Fake?

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Eliesoob (eliesoob.com) is a website that claims to be selling mass-produced Chinese clothing at discounts. The website looks like another scam shop set up under the Uniqueness Scam Network of fake online stores from China. For example, the images on the website are edited and do not show the real clothing items that customers can expect to receive.

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A domain name lookup of the website shows that eliesoob.com was registered on 30th June 2022 from Guangdong, China. The registrant’s other details such as name and contact details have not been been provided. Therefore, Eliesoob is a relatively new website operated anonymously from a high-risk country.


The About Us page falsely mentions that Eliesoob is active since 2017, which impossible as the site did not exist before June 2022. More importantly, I found that it contains text that has previously been found on sites in the Uniqueness Scam Network. There are at least 23 similar websites using the same text active at the same time, all of which are likely to be scams. The full list of sites is given at the end of the article.

eliesoob mexong scam uniqueness network

Even though it is apparent that Eliesoob is a Chinese-run website selling Made-in-China products, the owners of the site are trying to create a fake impression that the company is based in the UK. The Terms & Conditions page absurdly states that the site operates as per the ‘laws of the London’ and the below company details of Mexong Limited have been provided:

Company Name:Mexong Ltd
Registration Number:12948246
CompanyAddress:309 Winston House 2 Dollis Park, London, England, N3 1HF
(this is not a returning address)

Mexong Limited is a known Chinese shell company that operates hundreds of fake online stores associated with the Uniqueness Scam Network. Additionally, the email ID ‘eliesoob@163.com’ is mentioned which also affirms that Eliesoob is a Chinese website as 163.com is a Chinese company.

eliesoob mexong scam fake terms

Though the website does not link to any social media profiles, I found that Eliesoob has two different Facebook pages operated from China which are being used for running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. At the time of publishing this article, Eliesoob has 160 Sponsored posts active on Meta’s platforms. The page running ads seems to have been hacked and taken over.

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  • hacked facebook page
  • eliesoob mexong scam facebook active ads
  • facebook sponsored poss

The Contact Us page of the website contains only the email ID ‘eliesoob@163.com‘ and the company details of Mexong Limited. Therefore, there is no real way to contact Eliesoob after making a purchase.

eliesoob mexong scam contact details

I could not find any customer reviews for Eliesoob. If you want to share your review of this site, you can do so in the comments below or on my social media pages.

Going by past reviews of sites in the Uniqueness Scam Network, it is likely that customers will be bait-and-switched with low-quality goods or counterfeits. Common complaints with these sites include false advertising, late or no delivery, poor customer service and refusal to provide refunds.


It is extremely likely that Eliesoob and the 109 similar sites may all be scams operated by the Uniqueness Scam Network from China under the guise of shell companies such as Mexong Ltd.

Eliesoob is a new site created anonymously from China in June 2022. The website is poorly-made and the products are depicted using edited images which don’t show the actual items. The entire website content is duplicated and the same can be found on numerous scam websites.

There are multiple signs suggesting that Eliesoob is a Chinese operation, but it has been misleadingly stated that the website is operated by Mexong Ltd. registered in the UK, which is actually a Chinese shell company. I found that there are 109 websites related to Eliesoob and Mexong Limited which may all be scams.

The website does not link to any social media pages, but I found that Eliesoob has two separate Facebook pages and of the pages has been hacked into and renamed. The hacked page is being used for running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

There are no customer reviews for Eliesoob and there is no way to contact the company after making the purchase. Only an email ID created using the Chinese service 163.com is provided.

It is advisable to avoid shopping on Eliesoob or any of the 109 similar websites as they do not seem to be genuine businesses.

If you think that you have been scammed by any of Mexong Limited’s these sites, you can contact PayPal or your bank for a full refund. Don’t accept a partial refund citing that the product is not what you ordered and refuse to ship the items back to China as the merchant claims to be located in the UK.

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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If you have been the victim of an ecommerce scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a cybercrime complaint online or with the local police office
  2. File a complaint with the payment portal and ask whether the payment can be reversed
  3. Leave a negative review on review portals such as ScamAdviser, TrustPilot, OnlineThreatAlerts and SiteJabber
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same
  5. Report the scam site to web filtering companies.

List of websites related to Eliesoob and Mexong Limited

  • aslekhas.in
  • avakabike.eu
  • basebast.com
  • bellewholesale.com
  • bieemall.com
  • bladedy.com
  • boihadoce.com
  • boldoversize.com
  • boutiquefeel.com
  • bukesi.com
  • cayiani.com
  • chicme.com
  • clothesmerch.com
  • culauao.com
  • cvc-mall.com
  • dollde.com
  • dolouee.com
  • donnebourke.com
  • eapiany.com
  • elengatine.com
  • elitevibesx.com
  • elixzonexi.com
  • enjoyving-arts.com
  • fabuloussewing.com
  • fashionelitex.com
  • ffairogo.com
  • filllily.com
  • fukioo.com
  • gearbest.net
  • genshin.toys
  • giffimy.com
  • giftcardcod.com
  • giftcssc.com
  • ginoustore.com
  • glamtrendzone.com
  • gogobestebike.com
  • greatdealnice.com
  • heatwelly.com
  • heylyou.com
  • hikepros.com
  • honkai.toys
  • intentiony.com
  • jaiaonty.com
  • joybosofficial.com
  • joyloveapparel.com
  • joysfull.com
  • keoiiode.com
  • kuayua.com
  • lightxome.com
  • linkowa.com
  • loiibest.com
  • mainoov.com.cn
  • maioif.com
  • marklibia.com
  • matliny.com
  • meusell.com
  • miasilk.com
  • mmaiyoo.com
  • modefashionstore.co.uk
  • mournedr.com
  • nfljersey.co
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  • novorosy.com
  • oneamall.com
  • ottcube.com
  • pearlfeet.com
  • peiiiado.com
  • piiidopa.com
  • poidene.com
  • puffea.com
  • reborndollshouse.com
  • recocodecor.com
  • recocohomedecor.com
  • rmricomaxdetectors.com
  • rraway.com
  • saiiatoo.com
  • saiveina.com
  • seefilter.com
  • silvermystery.com
  • simplepurify.cc
  • sneaker.kukchic.shop
  • soiesmall.com
  • spectatork.com
  • stylesirenzone.com
  • suerbeatyonline.com
  • suppleswig.com
  • surfiptv.com
  • sweatyear.com
  • theprowatches.com
  • tobeybaby.com
  • tophelmetfan.com
  • trendyjunctionzone.com
  • tzbnyy.com
  • ubeator-official.com
  • ugtanz.com
  • uhomearth.com
  • uking-online.com
  • uniorangetech.com
  • urbanluxehub.com
  • urbansapes.com
  • varslily.com
  • vasden9.com
  • vililia.com
  • vinanolo.com
  • votstore.com
  • vuiind.com
  • yiaoom.com
  • zoneven.com
  • zorolia.com
  • zshare.pro

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