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Is Miners-funds Fake or Real?

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Why is Miners-funds Fake?

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Miners-funds.com is a website that claims to generate profits for investors through crypto and forex trading. Miners-funds promises returns as incredibly high as 35% in 8 days, making it somewhat obvious that it is a fraudulent investment scheme. Such returns are simply not realistic or sustainable.

Miners-funds also has a tiered 5%-3%-1% referral commission scheme which means that investors get additional returns if their referrals and referrals of referrals make deposits on the site. This hints that Miners-funds is likely to be a pyramid scheme if not an outright scam.

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  • Miners-funds scam referral commission

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 4th June 2021. The registrant’s details such as name, location and contact details have been hidden using a privacy guard. Therefore, it is a relatively new website that is being operated anonymously.


Even though the domain registration data shows that it was registered in June 2021, it is mentioned in several places on the website that it is active since 2012. This is a blatant lie to create a false sense of credibility.

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Miners-funds tries to give the false impression that it is a legitimate company registered in Australia. However, the certificate provided is fake as the ABN number belongs to an unrelated company registered in 2000.

  • Miners-funds scam registration certificate
  • abn lookup

The website of Miners-funds is poorly made and does not even contain a dedicated About Us page. The home page contains the following text:

We are professionally engaged in finances and trading, and have a large experience of the investment Industry.
miners-funds.com is an investment business platform developed under the control of an experienced team of highly qualified financial experts and professional traders for private highly profitable online investments. We are very proud to state that our clientele base cuts across financial institutions, individuals, and several other corporate institutions. We are determined to provide the best service to our clients and deliver a very lucrative source of income to our investors.

I found that the above text as well as all the other content on the site has been copied. Even the testimonials on the website are not original, indicating that Miners-funds is not a genuine company with happy clients. There are at least 239 other websites using the same text, all of which may be scams. The list of sites is given at the end of the article.

Miners-funds scam fake testimonials

None of the information given on the website seems to be real as even the information about the company’s ‘experts’ is fake. The pictures of the employees are stock images and the links to their profiles don’t work.

  • Miners-funds scam fake team members
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Miners-funds does not have a social media presence. The following contact information has been given on the website:

Address: 75 Manton St, Hindmarsh SA 5007, Australia
Phone: VIP members
Email: ADMIN@MINERS-FUNDS.COM www.miners-funds.com

I found that the address is fake as a completely different business is located there. The phone number is hidden as it is for ‘VIP members’ only. The only way to contact Miners-funds is using anonymous methods of email and Telegram.

  • Miners-funds scam fake contact details
  • signarama hindmarsh
  • Miners-funds scam telegram

I could only find one review of Miners-funds online on Trustpilot. The review is positive but there is a good chance that it was written by the scammer themself, as the review originates from Nigeria which is a hotbed for online investment scams. If you want to share your review of this platform, you can do so in the comments below or on my social media pages.

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It seems quite apparent that Miners-funds and the 239 similar websites are likely to be scams. There are a number of signs suggesting that Miners-funds is not a genuine investment platform.

Miners-funds is promising unrealistically high profits such as 35% in 8 days. They also have a three-tier referral commission program which is a common feature of illegal investment schemes.

The site itself is relatively new as it is only active since June 2021. Even though the website is new, it is falsely stated in several instances that the site is active since 2012. Miners-funds claims to be registered in Australia but the registration certificate is fake too. Their address is also false as it is the location of a different business.

All of the content on the website is copied. Everything from the information about team members to the client testimonials is fake. The same content can be found on at least 239 other websites.

The company has no social media presence and only anonymous contact methods are available. The only review available online is positive but might be written by the scammers themselves.

It is advisable to avoid investing with Miners-funds or the 239 similar sites as there are no reasons to believe that they are genuine investment firms. As a general rule, never send crypto to strangers as it cannot be recovered.

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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If you have been a victim of an investment scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. File a complaint with the payment portal. However, investment scammers mostly use methods such as Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram and other untraceable methods which make refunds impossible.
  2. File a formal police complaint with the Cybercrime department.
  3. Leave a negative review on review portals such as Scamadviser and TrustPilot.
  4. Report the website to Google using the Suspicious Site Reporter extension for Chrome
  5. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same.
  6. If the company has a listing on Google My Business or Google Maps, file a complaint using the Business Redressal Complaint Form. Also, leave a negative review explaining what kind of experience you had.
  7. Report the scam site to web filtering companies.

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