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This review of Koyvkllk.site was requested by a supporter of Fake Website Buster.

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Scam Clone of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers

Is Koyvkllk Fake or Real?

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Why is Koyvkllk Fake?

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A supporter of Fake Website Buster sent me a request to review Koyvkllk.site with the following message:

Hi, could you please check this website – Koyvkllk.site

I think it is a fraud mirror for the original website my friend Jane janesfruitsandflowers.com

When I checked the website Koyvkllk.site, I found that it claims to be selling creative bouquets of fruits and flowers. Then when I compared it with the website Jane’s Fruits & Flowers (janesfruitsandflowers.com), I was shocked to see that Koyvkllk.site is an exact clone of the website of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers.

koyvkllk janesfruitsandflowers scam comparison

A domain name lookup of Koyvkllk.site shows that it was registered on 18th April 2023. The domain is registered under the name ‘Li Jun’ and was registered from Hei Long Jiang, China.

A lookup of janesfruitsandflowers.com shows that it was registered on 26th November 2021. Therefore, Koyvkllk.site is clearly a scam store created from China impersonating Jane’s Fruits & Flowers based in Texas, USA.

  • whois 1
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Koyvkllk.site has copied the entire website of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers. The watermark of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers is visible on all the images on Koyvkllk.site, making it obvious that it is a clone website created to deceive shoppers.

koyvkllk janesfruitsandflowers scam watermark on photos

Koyvkllk.site is such a blatant copy of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers that they have even copied the below warning found in the Terms of Service document of janesfruitsandflowers.com:

Be careful!!!
We don’t sell any items on https://koyvkllk.site/
Beware of scammers. We do not sell any health supplements or related products and we will not return/refund any items or any material or health losses.

koyvkllk janesfruitsandflowers scam terms of service warning

There are a few social media links given on the website but these lead to the original pages of Jane’s Fruits and Flowers which were created in 2021 and mention the business’s website as janesfruitsandflowers.com.

  • koyvkllk janesfruitsandflowers scam social media links
  • janesfruitsandflowers facebook 1
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The Contact Us page of the website provides the original contact information of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers. Therefore, victims who are duped into purchasing from the scam store will end up mistakenly complaining to the owners of janesfruitsandflowers.com about missing orders even though the site has no relation to koyvkllk.site.

janesfruitsandflowers contact details

I could not find any reviews for koyvkllk.site on sites such as ScamAdviser and Trustpilot. If you want to share your review of this website, you can do so in the comments below or on my social media pages.


It is clear that Koyvkllk is a fake online store impersonating a genuine business named Jane’s Fruits & Flowers based in Texas, USA.

Koyvkllk is a new site created from China in April 2023. None of the content on the website is original as the scammers have copied everything from text to images directly from the website of Jane’s Fruits & Flowers.

The contact details provided on the scam site belong to the business that Koyvkllk is impersonating and the social media pages mentioned on the website are managed by the real business too. Therefore, no legitimate information is available regarding the owners of Koyvkllk. I could not find any customer reviews for the site either.

It is advisable to avoid shopping on Koyvkllk as it is a fake Chinese site blatantly impersonating a genuine USA-based business.

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