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Why is Fake?

Recently, a reader – let’s call them Jack – reached out to me regarding a proposal they had received from someone on LinkedIn. This person who claimed to be ‘Lyea Azziz’ from Syria desperately pleaded Jack for help and requested them to email the ID ‘‘. Such account IDs consisting of a random jumble of letters and numbers are commonly used as throwaways by scammers.

Upon emailing this ID, Jack was told that Lyea has assets such as gold and diamonds worth US$95 Million stashed in a vault in the USA and she needs help transferring the assets. In exchange, Jack would receive a percentage of this enormous sum which would still be millions of dollars.

The email contained some IDs and certificates to prove the authenticity of Lyea and the assets. These documents are obviously fake to the trained eye, indicating that this is the first step of an Advance Fee Scam. If the images below are not readable, click here to view them in high resolution.

  • email 1
  • scam email 2
  • lyea azziz scam
  • scam fake certificate
  • scam fake letter

The email contains a reference to the website of the vault security company – It didn’t take me much research to realize that it is an exact copy of the website of a real vault storage company called BlueVault Secure. However, the URL for this company’s website is and not ‘.net’.

  • scam
  • real website

A domain name lookup also makes it clear that is a fake website impersonating The domain name was registered in 2011, while was registered in January 2022.

  • whois 1
  • whois 2 is so identical that there are almost no differences between the original and the fake websites. One of the few but significant differences is that the fake website provides a virtual phone number that can be operated from anywhere in the world. Therefore, the people behind the fake BlueVault Secure are likely to be not located in the USA at all.

  • scam fake contact details
  • real contact details
  • Bluevaultsecure san diego google
  • scam fake phone number

It is quite evident from the above that is not a genuine website. Below are the subsequent emails shared between Lyea, Jack and ‘Carlos’ of BlueVault Secure which confirm that is part of a scam. After exchanging a few emails, the scam is finally revealed when ‘Carlos’ asks Jack to pay $9,550 in Bitcoin.

  • scam email 3
  • scam email 4
  • scam email 5
  • scam email 6

When Jack asks for the bank account details, he is told that he will have to pay $12,415, with the extra amount being ‘taxes’. The real reason for this is probably that the scammers have to pay their American money mule.


If you receive a request from a stranger involving assets stored with, it’s a scam! Do not pay any kind of fees as it is all a ruse to scam helpful and trusting strangers out of their money. is a copycat website of the genuine website

Scammer’s details

Email IDs

Phone Numbers

+1 (954) 497 8759
+1 (747) 252-5030

Bitcoin Wallet ID


Bank Account Details

Name:Terrica lane
Home address:2020 bentworth dr #325 Houston Tx 77077
Bank name: Bank of America
Bank address:11288 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77042
United States
Account no:488107271231
Routing no:111000025

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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