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Online decorative nail film store

Is Wrackib Fake or Real?

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Why Is Wrackib Fake?

Wrackib is an online store that claims to be selling decorative nail films in various colours and styles. The website is selling these nail films for $29.59, but the same products can be found on Aliexpress for $0.01 ($0.15 including shipping). The website seems to be broken as my attempts to complete the purchase never went through.

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  • aliexpress green glitter nail film

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 26th August 2020 in Shanghai, China.

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The design of the website is quite basic and seems to be a lightly modified template. The text used on the About Us page is also being used by at least 117 different websites. When I checked these stores, they seem to be using the same template as Wrackib. This could mean that they are part of a scam network.

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I could not confirm the above suspicion with 100% certainty as the websites do not share IP addresses. However, they do have neighbouring IP addresses so there is reason to believe that they are related. They also all have gibberish names likes wrackib, chewcy and fordvv. These kinds of domain names are available at cheap prices and are often used to create networks of scam websites. The full list is given at the end of the website.

  • wrackib scam home page
  • huddleez scam home page
  • enraveok scam home page
  • anlecr scam home page

The contact details provided on the Contact Us page are an email ID, phone number and address. The contact person’s name is mentioned as Emily Robbins.

The email ID was found to be not working when testing using VerifyEmailAddress. TrueCaller showed that the phone number was active in New Jersey and the name was displayed as Marisol Rose. The address provided seems to be of a residential area in Illinois when checked on Google Maps. Therefore, all the contact information provided by Wrackib seems to be fake.

  • wrackib scam fake contact details
  • wrackib scam fake email id
  • wrackib scam fake phone number
  • wrackib scam fake address

Wrackib does not seem to have a social media presence. There are no reviews available either, probably because it is such a new website.

It seems quite clear that Wrackib is a scam. The prices on the website seem to be randomly inflated. The same products being sold on the website for $29.59 can be bought on Aliexpress for $0.01. The images seem to be stolen from other sources and the same text used by Wrackib can be found on 117 websites. These websites may all be part of a scam network, as they use the same templates and have nonsensical domain names that can be purchased for low prices.

Though the domain name of Wrackib is registered in China, the website is trying to pass itself off as American. The Contact Us page provides a New Jersey phone number and an Illinois address of a residential area. The contact person’s name seems to be fake and the email ID provided does not work.

It is advisable to avoid Wrackib and the associated 117 websites, as they are all likely to be scams.

Full list of websites using same content and template as Wrackib:

  • anlecr.com
  • anodezh.com
  • appolo.space
  • arborl.com
  • arocot.com
  • audylz.com
  • backloz.com
  • bahl.shop
  • balmlz.com
  • becrstal.com
  • berylrz.com
  • blunderpr.com
  • bonbii.com
  • boomlh.com
  • brasseszr.com
  • brorscut.com
  • bumblel.com
  • chewcy.com
  • clackkr.com
  • collarf.com
  • cottarby.com
  • cursekk.com
  • deortalv.com
  • donkeyoa.com
  • draonna.com
  • drebati.com
  • eleyc.com
  • emerykv.com
  • enraveok.com
  • ensuebz.com
  • ermeat.space
  • exaltss.com
  • fendud.com
  • flankyx.com
  • fordvv.com
  • gozzon.com
  • haleaz.com
  • hearhh.com
  • hearinz.com
  • hideue.com
  • holmwa.com
  • holycra.world
  • hoverot.com
  • huddleez.com
  • hurryaz.com
  • involvez.com
  • isuart.com
  • ivorylx.com
  • kojane.com
  • lainib.com
  • latenttt.com
  • lazewd.com
  • limiterll.com
  • livinmm.com
  • loedx.com
  • louhzz.com
  • lovinzb.com
  • makerwl.com
  • manymas.online
  • meavz.com
  • merervb.com
  • mezeheads.com
  • missionuz.com
  • muralxs.com
  • navyix.com
  • oblonz.com
  • occurzx.com
  • openedax.com
  • overnu.com
  • pailcz.com
  • parklein.com
  • pealrx.com
  • pellmot.com
  • pierceor.com
  • pierrt.com
  • pilferr.com
  • poetuo.com
  • rainkeau.com
  • randdc.com
  • rebusxx.com
  • reelno.com
  • restfulub.com
  • rilleaz.com
  • risogear.com
  • rivetze.com
  • rulinhe.com
  • runbell.site
  • saberha.com
  • saidil.com
  • scareee.com
  • sharesst.com
  • sharonzl.com
  • shippern.com
  • shohopes.com
  • slimykb.com
  • slumberxs.com
  • softenyy.com
  • sunderx.com
  • temptau.com
  • thrallzz.com
  • threwfu.com
  • toddlesz.com
  • trucklemp.com
  • turesco.shop
  • umadoc.site
  • uniperv.com
  • uruvl.com
  • vinetz.com
  • vocaix.com
  • whereonm.com
  • whizzet.com
  • wrackib.com
  • zoliinc.com
  • zttika.com
  • zuainthz.com
  • zuestr.com
  • zuickof.com

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have been the victim of an ecommerce scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a complaint at the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal
  2. File a complaint with the payment portal and ask whether the payment can be reversed.
  3. File a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Forum
  4. Leave a negative review on review portals such as Scamadviser, TrustPilot, OnlineThreatAlerts and SiteJabber
  5. Report the website to Google using the Suspicious Site Reporter extension for Chrome
  6. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same.

Disclaimer: This review is intended for information only and should not be relied on when making financial or business decisions. If you are a website owner and would like to provide clarifications regarding your business and/or website, please get in touch using the Contact Form.

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