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Poocroct.com (Fadel-Beatty Ltd) | Fake or Real?

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poocroct.com (operated by Fadel-Beatty Ltd)

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Is Poocroct Fake or Real?

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Why is Poocroct Fake?

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Poocroct is a website that claims to be selling an assortment of mass-produced Chinese goods at discounted rates. I was alerted about this site by Doug from TheDailyScam who was contacted by a customer of poocroct.com. They wanted to know if Doug had any more information about this website, as there were red flags which made them suspect that Poocroct may be a scam.

email from customer to doug

Poocroct’s prices seem too good to be true as the same items cost a lot more on competing websites. Unbelievably low prices are often the most common sign of a scam. Further, the images on Poocroct seem to be lifted from other websites. The same items can be found on websites like Walmart, but even those appear to be from Chinese sellers who have plagiarized images from real brands.

  • Poocroct scam leather jacket fake price
  • uncommon reign good girl faux suede fringe jacket
  • walmart jacket

A domain name lookup of the website shows that it was registered on 19th October 2022 from Henan, China. The registrant’s other details such as name and contact information have not been provided. Therefore, it is a new website operated anonymously from a high-risk country.


Even though it is clear that Poocroct is operated from China, the Terms of Service page states that the site operates as per the laws of Ireland.

poocroct fadel-beatty scam ireland laws

Additionally, the following company details of Fadel-Beatty Limited have been provided:

Company Name: FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED Registration
Address: SUITE 10542, BALMORAL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, ABBEYLANDS,NAVAN MEATH, C15 DD72, IRELAND (this is not a returning address)

Fadel-Beatty Limited was registered in Ireland in December 2021. However, it seems to have relations to scammy shell companies such as Meledo Company created from China. There are a few hints in the company registration information that Fadel-Beatty is also likely to be a shell company incorporated by Chinese owners.

When I looked up the details of Fadel-Beatty Limited in the Irish company registry, I found that the company’s address seems to be a virtual address are no signs of the company actually being located there.

Fadel-Beatty’s Company Secretary is a firm named ‘Amstrow Corporate Services (Ireland) Limited’ which helps overseas businesses register companies in Ireland.

Fadel-Beatty’s Director is listed as a person named Oisin Kelly who is also the Director of ten other companies. However, Oisin Kelly is actually an Associate Director at Amstrow and seems to be a figurehead for Fadel-Beatty Limited. Therefore, the identity of the real owners of Fadel-Beatty Limited appears to be hidden. By joining the various dots together, it can be surmised that Fadel-Beatty is likely to be a shell company registered in Ireland being (mis)used by Chinese organized cybercriminals to launder the proceeds of scams to China.

  • fadel-beatty limited ireland registration information
  • oisin kelly amstrow corporate services
  • amstrow corporate services

Taking a closer look at Poocroct’s website reveals several red flags suggesting that it is not a real business. For starters, there is a banner at the top of the page announcing a clearance sale as the store is apparently shutting down. This is unlikely to be true as the website itself was created less than two months back at the time this article is being written. Therefore, the sale simply seems to be a flimsy excuse to explain the too-good-to-be-true prices.

Poocroct scam fake clearance sale

There are other shady marketing tactics too, such as a fake timer that creates a false sense of urgency. I know that the timer is fake because it resets every time the page is refreshed.

Poocroct scam fake flash sale

Not just false urgency, but the site also gives a false impression of scarcity. The product pages have text like ‘Only 21 left in stock’ but the number is made-up as it always lowers by 1 when the page is refreshed. To prove this, I added 100 of an item to my cart, of which only 19 were supposedly in stock, but the website did not display any errors at any point during the checkout process.

  • Poocroct scam fake items in stock
  • cart checkout

Even though the domain name is registered in China and the details of an Irish company are provided, the checkout page contains a banner saying that the site is ‘USA Owned and Operated’ which makes absolutely no sense.

Poocroct scam fake usa banner

The About Us page contains some poorly-written text that looks like mad libs. In fact, the entire website’s content seems to be copied. Upon analyzing the text, I found that there are at least 183 websites using the same content, all of which are likely to be scams. The list of sites is given at the end of the article.

Poocroct scam about us page copied content

There are no social media pages linked on Poocroct’s website and I could not find any customer reviews for it either. If you want to share your review of Poocroct, you can do so in the comments below or on my social media pages.

Apart from the details of Fadel-Beatty Limited, the Contact Us page of the website contains no information except for the email ID ‘poocroct@clothescl.com‘, which is of a completely different domain. Therefore, Poocroct can only be contacted by email.

Poocroct scam contact details


There is an incredibly high likelihood that Poocroct and the 183 similar sites may all be scams from China operating behind the facade of companies such as Fadel-Beatty Limited.

Poocroct is a new site created anonymously from China in October 2022. I found that there are 183 websites that have the same content as Poocroct and are likely to be operated by the same owners.

While the website tries to give a false impression that Poocroct is an Ireland-based operation, the domain registration information reveals that the website is operated from China. There are several red flags on the website which make it appear to be a scam, such as unbelievably low prices, fake sales, false inventory information and the nonsensical statement that the site is ‘USA owned and operated’.

Poocroct has no social media pages and no customer reviews could be found for it either. It is advisable to avoid shopping on Poocroct or any of the 183 similar websites as they seem to be scams. Going by the track record of sites associated with Fadel-Beatty Limited, customers are likely to be bait-and-switched with inferior goods or may receive nothing at all.

If you think that any of these sites has scammed you, you can contact PayPal or your bank for a full refund. Don’t accept a partial refund citing that the product is not what you ordered and refuse to ship the items back to China as the merchant claims to be located in Ireland.

How to Get Your Money Back from a Scam

Remember: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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If you have been the victim of an ecommerce scam, you can take the following steps:

  1. Lodge a cybercrime complaint online or with the local police office
  2. File a complaint with the payment portal and ask whether the payment can be reversed
  3. Leave a negative review on review portals such as ScamAdviser, TrustPilot, OnlineThreatAlerts and SiteJabber
  4. Give a low rating to the website on Web of Trust. You can also install their extension for the same
  5. Report the scam site to web filtering companies.

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  • 4seasonhome.com
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